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News of the day

Sorry, but life has just been too busy to keep the site updated. I don't plan on taking it down though, and do plan on updating it again once time allows. Thanks to everyone who's written me in support of the site.



Sorry about the lack of updates for so long, but I've been busier than a human being, at least one as lazy as I am, should ever be. First I want to thank everyone who emailed me to make sure I didn't accidentally lock myself in the bathroom, or had the local police arrest me for being a mad scientist or a danger to the public safety. I'm actually alive, in good health and surprisingly enough, a free man. But I do have a lot of neat stuff to test and review, some of it I've had for a while such as my Spyderco Spyderench, and some other things I just picked up at the Small Arms Review gun show that went on this weekend in Phoenix. So hang on, I'll tell some of my regular paying clients to piss off for a few weeks and I'll get some reviews up. It will probably be at least a week or two before you see anything, so there's no need to send lawyers guns and money to get me out. Well, I'll always take guns and money, but keep the lawyers away!.



Wow, over a month without a review! Today's review is the Tektite Expedition Star flashlight. If you liked the Expedtion 600 but wanted more light and a tighter spot beam, check out my review of the Expedition Star!



Do you go through batteries as fast as I do? Are you sick of chargers that heat up your good rechargeable batteries enough to burn your fingers? Time to check out my latest review, C.Crane's QuickCharger!



My latest review is the C.Crane Justice AM Antenna. If you're an AM radio listener like I am, whether it's talk or sports or sports talk, you'll want to read my review of the Justice antenna. C.Crane calls it "the most versatile AM antenna on the market" and "the biggest advancement in AM technology in decades".



Up for review today is the EternaLight EliteMax. It's similar to my EliteXRay but with many new features. This may be the coolest LED flashlight on the planet. Read about it here.



Newly arrived on the scene is the EternaLight Derringer, a smaller, less expensive version of the regular EternaLights. Read my review of the Derringer here.



Up for review today is the Arc LSH Premium flashlight. This little jewel has a Luxeon Star LED for it's bulb and runs off a single 123 photo lithium battery. If you're looking for what may be the perfect every day carry flashlight, you'll want to read my review of the Arc LSH Premium.



Latest mobile phones on Android and Windows Phone at Mobiolla! Models review from Nokia, HTC, Motorolla and Samsung.



Freshly posted for the day is my review of the C.Crane CCRadioplus. This is a 4 band portable radio with one aim, to be the best AM radio for distant stations and voice reproduction on the market. Pretty high goals, read the review here to see how close they come to reaching them.



I've just posted a review of LEDtronics Mini FlashLED, which is a penlight sized 3 LED mini light. . You can read the review here.

By the way, this is the last flashlight I have to test, at least for now. Next up is the C.Crane CCRadioPlus and the Justice AM antenna. I've also got a Spyderench that was given to me as a gift I'm going to review. I've got some computer stuff to do soon also including a new video board.



Just posted is a review of the C.Crane Company Expedition 600 LED flashlight. If you're looking for a high quality, multiple LED flashlight for hiking, backpacking, emergency uses or any general use, check out the Expedition 600 here.



Today I posted a review of the VestLED, which is a high visibility mesh vest with reflective stripes and 16 super bright red LEDs, made by LEDtronics. Check it out here.



Some folks have asked me what my ratings mean. I've made an info page to cover this. You can read it here if you're interested.



The flashlight of the day today is the LEDtronics KeyLED, a small, bullet shaped LED keychain light. Check it out!



My latest review is the LEDtronics 6 LED FlashL. And the This light is much like any other mini flashlight using 2 AA batteries, but LEDtronics has converted it to use 6 white LED's instead of an incandescent bulb. Check it out!

Thanks for all the positive emails concerning the flashlight reviews. I would never had known there were so many people, like me, who have a thing about flashlights!



Tax time! Take your mind of taxes by reading my review of the unique and excellent Pila GL2 flashlight! This pocket sized light has a blinding 80 lumen Xenon beam in front, and a battery sipping 4 LED light in the tail cap, plus it's got an elegant solution for control of the beams. What better way to spend that tax return?



I've posted the final entry in my series of articles titled "What Price Quiet?" You can check it out here, or go to the Reviews page to check out the whole series and all my other cool stuff.


I've posted the review of the Luxeon Star add on module for the Surefire E2e tactical light. It will fit several other Surefire lights as well. Read what this module can do for your Surefire light by clicking here!



Flashlights, flashlights and more flashlights! I test the Surefire E2e Executive Elite tactical flashlight! Check out this little pocket light saber here!

Someone asked my why I'm giving such high ratings to these flashlights I'm testing. Simple answer, they're all that good. Maybe I should go down to Wal-Mart and buy some 3 dollar POS flashlight to test, would that make you happy? I don't like wasting my time writing about junk, do you really want to read about it?

For those of you wondering where the computer tests have gone, bear with me, I've got one in the works and will have it ready to go in a few days!



I've posted the review of the Pila G3R tactical flashlight. It's beautifully made and works perfectly. Check out the review here.



I've posted the review of the PrincetonTec Impact II LED flashlight. It's got an amazingly good beam for a single LED flashlight. Thanks to PrincetonTec for supplying the light.



I want to thank the companies that have sent me flashlights for review so far, PrincetonTec, Pila and Surefire. Also, I've been promised lights for testing by Technology Associates (EternaLight), TigerLight and C. Crane companies. I want these companies to know that their participation is appreciated and while it may take me several weeks to get reviews of their products online it will be done. I want to spend some time with each light to learn it's positives and negatives before I start writing the reviews. I'm taking them first come first serve, so please be patient, I want to give each light a chance to prove itself before any reviews are written. I'm also going to separate the flashlight reviews from the computer products reviews on the reviews page, that way you won't have to hunt to find them.
Thanks also to Judy for the info and advice on light meters and the link on where to get them at a good price. I've got one coming.



I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been glued to the TV set the last week or so. Let's take a look at a device that's been in the news lately, the GPS receiver. I review the Garmin eMap GPS receiver here.



Due to the response I've gotten to the EternaLight review I decided that more flashlight reviews are in order. A few days ago I sent an email to about 10 light manufacturers. I've already heard back from 3 promising to send lights for testing and review. I've been asked about my methodology for reviewing flashlights and have been setting up parameters for these tests. I may also get a light meter that will read output from many different kinds of lights. Stay tuned, the first reviews should start to appear in the next few weeks.



I've posted the second installment in my Quiet and Cool series. You can find it here and you can find the first installment here. Check it out and find out just how cool and quiet I can get my computer.



I'm amazed at the response to my >EternaLight review. I sent a link to the EternaLight folks and got an immediate response thanking me for the review, telling me about future products and promising to get evaluation versions to me. They also asked my permission to link to the review and send the link to their dealers and wanted to make sure my server could handle the extra load before they did so. Nice of them, it's the first time a company bothered asking before linking to a review. I told them to go ahead and do their worst. Since then I've received a lot of email from both dealers and from potential purchasers and from some "flashaholics" commenting on the review or suggesting other products I may want to test. Stay tuned, I'll have more flashlight tests coming soon.



My commitment to test and review other products besides computer products continues with a review of the coolest and most useful lighting device that I've ever seen, the EternaLight Elite Xray made by Technology Associates. Find out what I think of this 21st century "flashlight" by clicking here.



My quest for a quiet and cool computer continues, with some new twists along the way. Don't miss the latest installment of Too Quiet to be Cool. But it's not the last installment, oh no my friends, the Maniac won't quit until he's got what he wants. A nervous breakdown you say? Serious time in rehab you ponder? Bzzzzzzzzzzz! Wrong answers! A cool and quiet computer that performs well under load is the only thing I'll accept! Well, I'll take a beer also, but this is hot work!



Due to some abuse I've temporarily removed the discussion forum. If I get enough requests I may put it back in the future. To make up for it's loss I'm going to post links to discussion forums I find valuable in the links page. If you're looking for me personally you can usually find me under the username "3rdpig". Of course anyone wishing to contact me can also do so through email, links are scattered around the site. Feel free to write me with questions, solutions or nekkid pics of your wife or girlfriend.



Have you ever found some neat little tool or gizmo that you never knew you needed, but once you have it you can't dream of working without it? In trying to solve a cooling problem on one of my vehicles I picked up an Oakton TempTestr non contact IR thermometer. With a laser beam as an aiming device you point it at something, press the button on the front and before you can say "Pour me a cold one" the readout has the temperature of the thing you aimed it at. Pretty cool huh? Read about it here.



Well I've gone and done it again, I've got a new piece for ya'll to read. After updating my friends computer I now can't stand how noisy my own is and have gone to lengths to change this terrible situation, and the first step is a new aluminum case. Check out the preliminary review here. In the next installments I'll be swapping my system over to the new case, adding smart fans and a new heatsink and doing some testing. Oh, and as usual, I go totally overboard. Surprise bloody surprise!



Hey, I'm getting real good at this update stuff! I've gotten several requests from readers to test and give my opinion and impressions on other devices besides computer components. I've got a wide variety of interests ranging from classic cars and motorcycles to firearms, personal defense and general neat gadgets and gizmos. Now I have no intention of ever doing car or motorcycle reviews, and since the vehicles I like are long out of production a review or test would be of no value. But things I find from time to time that I find especially useful I'll present to you for your consideration. I'll start with a small device that was recommended to my by the instructor in my CCW renewal class. It's called the Key Defender.



I don't know what's wrong with me, two updates in two days? NURSE! VALIUM! Seriously though, someone emailed me and asked me why I don't give all the math and formulae and other scientific crap that they feel should go along with a hardware test, specially tests involving cooling products, heatsinks, fans and other such stuff. I gave them a quick answer but later I realized that it wasn't good enough and I felt a good rant coming. So HERE it is. I've gotten involved in water cooling and some of the stuff I've run into is really enough to get my panties in a bunch. Damn uncomfortable thing, bunched panties.



Holy Crap! Two updates in two weeks? What's next, a daily news page? Nah!. LOL. But today I have the pleasure of informing you, gentle reader, that I have posted a new review, this is more of a quest to achieve a goal, the goal being to upgrade an existing computer so that it's reasonably fast, runs cool and most of all is QUIET! Shhhhhhh! Impossible you say? Watercooling you say? Reefer madness? No, no and no. Read on and find out just how it's done.



I've got some new reviews and and opinion pieces coming up in the next few days. I've built a new computer for a friend and rebuilt my personal computer in a new aluminum case and all new heatsinks and fans. The point of all this, including the new puter for my friend was to get a powerful computer, that also runs cool and quiet, and to document it so others can do it without the trial and error method. Check back in a couple of days and see not only the reviews on the heatsinks, fans, motherboard and case, but also the trials and tribulations I went through to get what I wanted. And where I'm headed next.



I've been looking at reviews on heatsinks building up to testing a few myself and attempting to build and document the building of a truly quiet PC. I got a little fed up with some of the reviews I read and have posted a rant on the subject. If you're really bored you can read it here.


Greetings, I hope everyone has recovered from the holidays and are ready for another stinking year of the same old shit! Sorry, but I'm a realist and I calls them as I sees them. I've added a new motherboard review, an editorial on the new direction this site is taking in this wonderful new year, and I have a new aluminum case, a new motherboard and a new video board on the way to test. I'm also going to start putting up reviews of non PC hardware and maybe some software on the site also. Thanks to everyone who wrote and asked "how come the lazy bastard who runs this site doesn't update it more often?". Sheesh, whaddaya want for nothing?